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Doug Mc
murphy oregon

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f250 6.0 diesel PCM solution

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 at 19:52

Oxidized PCM pins were causing dash failure for poor connection of the bi-metal plug pins. Used very small white piece of scuff pad to clean only the silver male pins in all 3 of the plugs at this time. Used a anti- oxidation and conductive grease with a toothpick to dot the tips of the silver pins after cleaning. Very little is needed. Too much might cause problems so a dot the size of a period in this sentence on both front and back of the flat sides should make the grease disperse along the blades as it is plugged back in. This should cause a much better contact than oxidated surfaces. Anti Oxidation grease is common in electrical building wiring when aluminum wires are connected to prevent what has happened in these truck pin connections. I light pass or two is all the cleaning needed. A popsicle stick with it glued on is small enough to get in the back of the blades. Too much grease is not good so the toothpick works fine. Cut scuff pad with razor knife for small micro piece to glue to the stick. No more dead dash with this latest fix....

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